Financial Literacy

Paving the path toward Financial literacy in Nepal

Do you know that only 1 out of 10 entrepreneurs is top-notch in the game? We often hear that some businesses do so well while others fail. Have you ever pondered, "Why?"

You have a brilliant idea and capital, but where did you lack it? You might raise your eyebrows to hear that many people fail at money management. Yes, you heard it right. Most of us lack financial literacy skills. Financial decisions driven by money beliefs and intuitions are likely to sabotage your dream of building wealth. This is why being financially literate not only strengthens your financial decisions but also teaches you to think critically.

We believe financial literacy is a basic life skill that everyone ought to learn. We aim to help you understand financial concepts so that you can make informed financial decisions. We provide detailed financial and investment-related information via our workshops, videos, blogs, and free counseling sessions. We are taking one step towards strengthening the financial literacy of Nepal by preparing you to make informed financial decisions. Stay up to date with us on the latest financial and investment news, banking updates, and trends, and learn about changes and strategies to manage your finances smartly. We are doing our part to contribute to the economy of our country. Are you?

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