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Sep 08, 2022

Have you ever had a bad experience with a bank? If so, do you address it? Does your bank hear you? Are you not satisfied with your bank’s response? Hell yes!! Wait before you shake your head. All this might now come to an end. Here is why!

Most of us have definitely experienced negligence and deficiencies in banking services. As a customer, in the event of any deficiencies in banking services, we first approach the bank. Situations like the bank increasing the interest rate without prior information, overcharging the loan processing fee and ATM fee, ATM transactions failing but money being deducted from the account, etc. can be raised at your bank. But, many fail here. 

Many people fail to recognize those customer complaints are almost inevitable. No matter how streamlined your business is, how you deal with it is key. Banks often dismiss customer complaints, fail to resolve customer complaints to their satisfaction, or do not address their complaints even after acknowledging them. At this time, we are frustrated and helpless at the same time. We get confused about where to go, what to do, and to whom to communicate when a problem like this occurs. Many of us may not be aware that we can easily voice our complaints! 

Rastra Bank has set up a separate online system through which you can file complaints against any bank or a financial institution regulated by Rastra Bank via its Grievance Management System (GMS) portal your information, Section 118 of the BAFIA Act 2073 stipulates that Rastra Bank must ensure that banks and financial institutions are providing financial services to their customers in a fair, credible, and transparent manner.

Now, let's dig into the NRB Grievance Management Scheme.

It is an online system that aims to redress customer complaints against deficiencies in banks' and financial institutions' services. The Grievance Management System of NRB covers the objectives of financial customer protection, the scope of the procedure, its main principles and the procedure for filing grievances.

Against whom can the complaint be filed?

You can file complaints against:

  1.  Banks and Financial Institutions
  2. Money Changers
  3. Payment Service Operators
  4. Payment service providers
  5. Remittance Company

What kind of complaint can be made?

You can file a complaint about a deposit, a loan, an interest rate, a service charge, an auction or collateral, a cheque bounce and blacklisting, or an LC and bank guarantee. Likewise, you can also file a complaint regarding account operations, ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, SMS, and internet/mobile banking along with other types of complaints.

Where can one lodge his/her complaint? How to lodge a complaint

First of all, you have to go to the NRB complaint portal and fill out the form. While filling out the form, you have to provide your personal information and details regarding the subject against which you are going to file a complaint. In the same way, the basis of the complaint, subject-related documents such as the documents proving the complaint, and details of the complaint should also be mentioned.

What happens after registering a complaint? 

Your complaint will be registered after filling out and submitting the complaint form. The complainant will receive complaint registration information and a registration number through email. You ought to provide this email ID while filling out the complaint registration form. With the registration number, you can also know the status of the complaint. The complainant will get the final decision on the complaint in the email.